New features in Dj Quarc 1
Known bugs
Major future plans
Feature history

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New features in Dj Quarc 1

Finally, we did the step! Dj Quarc 1  is released.

Verson 1 ist mainly a tested and proofed Dj 0.6.10. We have some news features though:

You can now scan and rescan a folder or whole folder structure by just dragging it on the Dot. Since this goes extremely fast, it's a good replacement for the long Update HDs process. So if you just want to get some new songs in then this is the quick & intuitive way to go.

Dj Q. now checks Winamp's current played song and imports it if unknown. It also puts it to the history, so the history now shows everything now, no matter how you played it.

Some little changes and optimizations make the Dj a bit cooler again. So grab it and have fun!

Known bugs

The Dj's Dot doesn't stay always in the front. It's quite tricky to find out when a window loses the topmost style...

Major future plans

background volume scanning

an intuitive way to save and access lists and play setting

sophisticated statistic analysis of user's music taste to provide automatic Dj behavior (Mr. One-Key-Dj)

separation of file transfer and GUI for better performance

Dj should be able to import winamp's current playlist.

...replace the TreeNT by Mike Lischke with Mike's new incredible Virtual Tree, so the Dj's interface will as fast as my little green race car :)

Feature history

Version 1

drop&scan folder structures an Dot

Dj tracks and imports current Winamp song

Alt-Tab icon hidden if taskbar option is off

bigger cache limit

random optimized (50 times faster)


Version 0.6.4

system volume underrun/overflow fixed (trust your ears!)


Version 0.6.3

no access settings warning after upd HDs anymore


Version 0.6.2

count of history items configurable

options: tray icon, Dot or/and taskbar button

hotkey handling more secure


Version 0.6.1

empty floppy crash fixed on "scan HDs"

info box now always closeable


Version 0.6

full support of remote computers via netenvironment

executable size reduced massively

new shortcuts (volume2half, Focus2Winamp etc.)

cache detects removed files

append + play option

magnetic dot 2 screen and winamp's left + right

version detection fixed for Windows ME

dj start with winamp option

dj close with winamp option

alphabetic order in drives-view

option: alphabetical order of search results

drives view load on demand, much faster!

random knob to scramble items

file type configuration

upload to specific folder

size calculator

Win2K fix: CD-IDs are read vice versa

taskbar button enable/disable

sequence scan optimized

archive killer fixed on "autoplay cache"

ugly cache bug fixed

re-arrange Dj positions on show

kernel improvements


Version 0.5

new database engine, yeah!
faster, and safe.

you can save playlists now

shortcuts for Winamp controls

Xplore songs in Windows Explorer

Xport shown list to text file

more volume management features

alphabetical songs view

(jump to matching items during typing)

"get HDs" now faster,
only scans already registered HDs

drag & drop

drag list over "results" resolves list

caching bug fixed


Version 0.4

systemwide shortcuts defineable

"auto play cache" function -> see options

actual CD selected on "Drives" function ´

some GUI enhancements

file access of song database mor efficient & faster


Version 0.3

Sequence-scan for easy and quick CD scans

multiple Dj windows. just open them...

Installation guide is back :)

automatically selecting CD-Drive at installation

little Feedback reminder (only once :)

faster "Show Drives" algo


Version 0.2.1

Cache's path selection fixed

Cache's size calculator fixed

some Labels renamed :)


Version 0.2.0

supports logical drives now (HDs etc.)

auto-recognition of inserted discs -> very useful

memory usage optimized -> so much safer now :)


Version 0.1.4 + 0.1.5

dock the Dot to the left of Winamp

U can enable/disable the Dj in Winamp (general plug options)

memory usage optimized -> so much safer now :)


Version 0.1.3

you can customize Dot's colors

keyboard hook bug fixed

Window interface improvements

installation more secure now


Version 0.1

Connection to Winamp, but also working as stand-alone

Interface Design (thx Lars de Vernier for the first Skin :)

Search-Engine tuned up

Show-Drive function!

Cache size now selectable

Playlists from CDs are now imported to Dj's Playlists

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