Finally we have the version 1.0!
A long test run was made and hopefully eliminated the last quirks of the last beta 0.6.10. Go an find the first Dj .

To celebrate the big step we built a little flash intro to view with Flash 5 plugin .

-> Intro


A new plant is growing and here is the first bud of the new Dj 0.6.9. Go to the forums and grab it!


Our new forums section is online. We switched to the good phpBB to enable more convience for everyone.
We will also write development diaries for current releases in there so have a look and be uptodate.  Go find the forums in the right navigation!



Finally, the first feedback postcard arrived! After years of development this first green leave appears to us as the fuel for us (apart from the very nice feedback mails you all send a lot).
This is motivation! Engage!  Next gear now for Dj Quarc development.
Winamp 5 is close an the Dj.1 package is also quite ready.

Merci beaucoup, DJ Tilimanjaro! Keep up using the Dj.  d:)


I now provide a newsletter for those of you who want to keep track of changes on the Dj Quarc project. This will contain new releases, plans, some polls etc.

Get the newsletter!


The bug that gave fire to your ears is found and removed. System volume's type range is limited and underruns/overflows occured.

HOT NEWS!  Nullsoft announced that they will re-activate the development of Winamp 2. This means: By end of summer Winamp 3 will not be the main Winamp anymore. Winamp 2 and 3 will be smelted together to Winamp 5 (as they call it now). So, this is big relief: The Dj Quarc will be available again for ALL Dj Quarc users, yippiieh yah yay!

So we will soon concentrate on our work on the A.I.-Dj to let you control your listenings with a finger snip. To give it a chance, please donate or Dj will die soon...

Secure PayPal-Donation with your credit card.

Get Dj 0.6.4


A nervy bug was fixed: After a "upd HDs" a stupid security warning appeared. Gone now.


A little new version comes out with two improvements:

adjustable history size

You can have the Dj in your system tray area (See releases for more info).

Get Version 0.6.2!   ...and, don't forget to donate a little bit for us :-)


A silly scan bug was fixed. Scan HDs immediately stopped working if user's computer had a floppy drive with no floppy inserted. Two user feedbacks helped us to fix this bug.

Get your copy of Dj Quarc 0.6.1 !

And, if you are happy with Dj Quarc, please support its development and donate: Secure PayPal-Donation with your credit card.


Thanks to the two bug investigators:
and Bitstream ( , webdesign and artwork)!


Dj Quarc 0.6 is out now!

Intensive tests with the preview version cracked those last failures and so a nice, fast and stable new Dj is awaiting.

Since this project is far from any return on investment we have to spend lonely nights on developing this project. The feedback emails you sent upon invitation of Dj 0.5 gave us spirit not to lie down the work. But soon we'll have to decide how the financial future of the Dj will look alike. Let us keep the Dj free of charge but perhaps, if you like the use of Dj, don't hesitate to donate something at your own discretion. Show the Dj to your friends, so even small fees will help to keep us working on it. Click up the Dj's feedback link and make us happy!


The preview beta release of Dj 0.6 is now available for download. Network support, more winamp shortcuts, more options, file types etc.

We don't guarantee that this version will work properly, but our massive tests showed good results. Please report bugs or advice to: .

Can't wait for the final release?
Feel brave enough to install the beta?
Then get it now!


What's new in Dj 0.6 Preview:

remote computers are now supported as volumes. choose a host via network environment in windows and select a folder to scan; this folder is fully supported on updates or re-checks

executable size reduced massively

new shortcuts (volume2half, Focus2Winamp etc.)

auto updating cache detects removed files

option: clear winamps playlist on play (or append and play)

dot is magnetic to screen's borders and to winamp's left AND right

version detection fixed for Windows ME

dj autostart option

drives-view: items in alphabetic order

option: alphabeitcal order of search results

drives view mach faster, volumes load on demand

cache bug fixed

random knob to scramble items

supported file types now customizable

upload knob to load a composition of files into a specific folder

size calculator

Win2K fix: CD-IDs are read vice versa

taskbar button enable/disable

minor improvements


This site is now completely managed and rendered with the webfresher by xi-quadrat . This cool and easy to use content management tool makes updating this site a finger snip.

Download Dj 1

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